Starseed Sessions

Starseeds, Lightworkers, Gridworkers, Empaths, hybrids, Walk ins, Star children, and Healers all have a special job to do in this lifetime on Earth. These are souls that came to Earth to help with the planetary ascension project.

The problem is, we weren’t’ given a user’s manual and our memory was wiped of who we are and where our home is. We face difficult challenges in the “end times” as we try to heal ourselves and serve others.

As a Starseed Support Specialist, A Starseed session with me can help you with the following:

-Starseed support- feeling lonely, confused, and wanting to know what your purpose is

-Walk-In support- special support for new walk in/walk out souls and soul braids

-Extraterrestrial Contact- Identification and confirmation of various sightings or contact and how to handle it

-Abduction Support- Confirmation and guidance on what to do next or how to stop it

-Contacting your guides and angels- for guidance and support

-Connecting with your higher self- an essential ascension requirement

-Grounding- why it’s important for starseeds and how to ground

-Ascension- what is it all about?

-Ascension symptoms- Confirmation and alleviation of symptoms

-Raising your vibration- why it is important for a starseed and how it affects those around you

-Dealing with Negative spirits and energies- how to protect yourself when you pop up on their radar

-Healing- how to heal and balance your energies so that you can better serve

-Receiving codes for DNA activation from the collective within me that speaks through my voice during the session.

-How to exit the matrix- topics as discussed on my website

To book a Holistic Life Coaching session with Michelle Walling:

Check out the options and then click on “Ready To Book”. This will take you to the booking page. After paying,  I will email you within 24-48 hours to choose a day and time that works for you.

There are five types of starseed sessions to choose from:

One Hour Video Skype Session $111- Skype sessions can be video or just audio and can be recorded by request and sent to you via Dropbox. All international sessions will need to be completed by Skype unless you have an International US phone number.

Two Hour Video Skype Session $199- Skype sessions can be video or just audio and can be recorded by request and sent to you via Dropbox.

NEW! Thirty minute phone session $40- Let’s see how far we can get with this! This usually gets to at least one root core issue and we get to exchange awakening “codes”. It is intended for people who can’t afford a full one hour session to get some assistance right now and for follow ups for existing clients.

One Hour Phone Session $75- You would be surprised what we can cover in an hour! This session works well for a few specific topics. Sessions are not recorded.

Two Hour Phone Session $144- Works best for more than 4 topics. Sessions are not recorded.

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Questions about Starseed Sessions?

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