Relationships and Careers



Due to the Law Of Vibration, once you begin to accelerate your vibration, it affects other people in your life. As you change and become more free, people will begin to notice. You affect everyone that is around you, and sometimes this change is met with interest and other times it is met with fear. Bizarre things can occur such as interference through friends, family, and spouses as you shine your light brighter. Michelle can help you sort through what the best approach is with difficult relationships and how to straddle the unawakened world with the increasing fifth dimensional consciousness.



As a person becomes “awakened” to the slavery system set into place by the matrix on this planet, there is a natural tendency to want to remove yourself from jobs that are restrictive. Michelle will help you tap into the hidden potential of skills you may be carrying and will help match them up to the possibilities that exist in the spiritual and metaphysical field. If a career change simply is not possible financially, Michelle will assist with changing the thought process and how to create a different reality than the one you are experiencing.