Starseed/ET Support

starseedsThere are so many unanswered questions around Starseed and ET support. Many people on the planet feel out of place and think that they do not belong here or that they have been abandoned. Once we realize we are not “from” Earth, the questions begin to flood in-

  • Who is my star family?
  • Why can’t I go home?
  • Why can’t my family land and visit me?

grey-aliensAlong with Starseed questions, many people report paranormal things that “normal” people would want to commit you to the psychiatric ward for mentioning. Michelle offers a safe and confidential place to discuss these memories or traumas in full, and will compare stories and experiences in order to help provide support, guidance, confirmation, and validation.

  • Abductions
  • Contact
  • Implants
  • Love Bite/Relationships
  • Hybrid Program