Life Coaching Sessions

The main areas of Holistic Life Coaching that I can assist you with are:

-Life Purpose
-Holistic Health
-Psychic abilities
-Removing creative blocks
-Holistic thinking- aligning at all of your bodies- emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental, and etheric

I use my Holistic Life Coach training, life experience, psychic intuition, radio show and article topics, and her higher self connection to assist you. Since I started my practice in 2014, I have assisted over 200 satisfied clients. It is very rare to need a second session, as the session itself triggers something deep within you to magnetically pull you to your highest and best path.

Check out the article How A Holistic Life Coaching Session Can Transform Your Life.

To book a Holistic Life Coaching session with Michelle Walling:

Please note that as of January 1, 2017. 50% of all life coaching sessions will go toward the New Earth Ascension Fund, set up to pay it forward in helping those in dire need of assistance. Click on the link for more information or to apply for assistance.

Sessions are first booked through Paypal, and then I will follow up with an email confirming the date and time that is convenient for both of us. Take a look at the menu below and choose what you feel works best for you. I can usually get you in within a week’s notice.

A one hour session would cover one or two major topics. A two hour session will pretty much cover most all pressing issues.

When I confirm your date and time, I will ask you to email me the topics that you would like to cover, as a short introduction. This saves time going over this in our session.

Choose your session

One Hour Video Skype Session $111- Skype sessions can be video or just audio and can be recorded by request and sent to you via Dropbox. All international sessions will need to be completed by Skype unless you have an International US phone number.

Two Hour Video Skype Session $199- Skype sessions can be video or just audio and can be recorded by request and sent to you via Dropbox.

Thirty minute phone session $40- Let’s see how far we can get with this! This usually gets to at least one root core issue and we get to exchange awakening “codes”. It is intended for people who can’t afford a full one hour session to get some assistance right now and for follow ups for existing clients.

One Hour Phone Session $75- You would be surprised what we can cover in an hour! This session works well for a few specific topics. Sessions are not recorded.

Two Hour Phone Session $144- Works best for more than 4 topics. Sessions are not recorded.

In Person Session Two Hours $222- In person session at the Sarasota Office (your travel expenses are not included). It is invaluable to meet like minded people in person! Current Address: 7222 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 202, Sarasota, FL 34231. By Appointment only.

Please note: After March 1, 2017, my office location will change as my lease is up and I will be moving.

One Day Intensive Session (up to 7 hours) $555
Have a two hour in person session at my office and then head to Siesta Key Beach for grounding in the 99% quartz crystal sand. We furnish a large beach umbrella, chairs, beverages, and lunch OR DINNER. After the beach, we will definitely fill our time doing something that you love. We can stay on the beach longer and then perhaps have dinner, UFO watch, or just chat the evening away about whatever topic you choose! Codes will be exchanged, healing will be offered, and your vibration will be raised!




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