Life Coaching Sessions

Michelle has direct experience with living on a spiritual path and with finding her own life purpose. She will ask questions that are designed to help you to connect to you higher self. Together you will explore what path you are on and whether or not you are aligned with that path. Michelle uses her Holistic Life Coach training, life experience, intuition, and her higher self connection to assist you.

Spirituality areas Michelle is qualified to speak about include ascension, starseeds, spirit guides, angels, interference from dark forces, raising your vibration, cutting energetic cords, lack of energy, grounding, and many other similar topics.

Your Life Purpose can be narrow or you can have many areas you are here to work on. Through basic intuitive  inquiry, Michelle can help you tune into what will make you most fulfilled in your mission here on Earth.

More and more people are wanting to remove their energy from the matrix, and are seeking fulfilling careers in alignment with their spiritual path. Careers in spiritual and metaphysical fields do not have to be limited. Learn how to have a successful career doing what you love to do. For those who are already on their highest career path but are having issues, Michelle has over 25 years of business and management experience. 5 years are in healthcare, 5 years are in manufacturing, 7 years are in oil and gas, 5 years are in retail, 1 year is in marketing and advertising, and 3+ years on the holistic and metaphysical industry.  Michelle has 10 years total in self employment experience to offer.

Relationships are exciting for Michelle, as she used to be a matchmaker of sorts in past lives. Her past life experience brings in tools of not only matchmaking but assessment in compatibility and difficulty with current relationships. Be prepared for what you may hear, because Michelle doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to love. You can also attract a soul mate with one of Michelle’s relationship sessions.

Your Health can encompass many areas. Michelle is an empath and has been a healer in many lifetimes, and can help you decide what foods your body needs in order to be healthy and happy. Research will be done to offer choices of holistic and alternative ways of healing what is ailing you, outside of mainstream medical practices.

Healing involves finding where stuck energy is and transmuting this energy with love and compassion. Vibration is the key to healing and clearing, and once a high vibrational state is attained, it is difficult for negative energies and entities to cling to your energy field.

Many people are confused about their contact with ET’s or feel like they may be involved in an abduction or hybrid program. Many also long for contact with their star family. Michelle will help sort out what is happening and will recommend a more specific therapy if needed, including implant removal or QHHT therapy. Freedom and benevolent contact are the end goals.

We are all CO-CREATORS. Find out what may be blocking your creativity and learn how to keep your energy flowing and centered.