Contract Revocation Sessions

Contract Revocation and Sovereignty Declaration sessions

Contracts that are made before this lifetime incarnation and as well as past life (or parallel life) contracts carry energetic references which may be keeping you from walking the highest path. Revoking outdated contracts, contracts made under duress, and contracts that no longer serve your highest and best good can be done in order to clear the associated energy and commitments. Declaring your sovereignty is also important in order to break free of prior obligations that were made with these contracts as a reversal of giving away your power and free will.

Why do we need declarations and revocations?

Life on this planet was hijacked and twisted into a place of hierarchy, domination, and control. One of our major purposes in this lifetime is to awaken to who we are as free- willed sovereign beings and to take back our power. In doing so, we will also help to free the rest of humanity who do not have a clue as to why they are constantly struggling to survive.

A CON-tract is an agreement that helps to guide incarnations in human bodies on this planet. Other agreements were also made that help other people to achieve certain milestones or events in their lives as well. Because we are waking up to the fact that we have been conned and the whole system has been hijacked, we will need to recognize these contracts and revoke them as needed.

Contract revocations can help you with:


-Abundance issues

-Self worth issues

-Relationships and attracting your soul mates

-Freedom and ascension readiness

-Psychic abilities

Types of Contract Revocation and Sovereignty Declaration sessions:

  1. An individualized contract revocation will be created for you. You can order one through e-mail for $44. I will email you after payment to get the ball rolling. You will then need to provide some information through one email reply to me with your goals and current issues.  Please note that you can take my contract declarations and revocations and use it for a template for you to then create your own. Basic instructions on how to use them will be included.
  2. A one hour phone session is also available with Michelle for $88, where you will make your declarations outloud with Michelle’s assistance. We will discuss your intentions and issues previously by email, and Michelle will email you your declarations and will ask you to repeat them in a scared space in our phone session. We will then discuss how it felt to you and any other related topics in your life.
  3. A one hour Skype Session with audio and or video with a recording for $122. Same topics and results as the phone sessions. The Skype sessions are necessary of you do not have a US phone number and are also nice to connect face to face. The recording allows you to repeat the declarations by watching the video in the same sacred space.

Please note that as of January 1, 2017, 50% of all contract revocation and sovereignty declaration sessions will go toward the New Earth Ascension Fund, set up to pay it forward in helping those in dire need of assistance. Click on the link for more information or to apply for assistance.

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