Book Michelle as a Speaker

Michelle picMichelle Walling is an international transformational speaker and writer. Michelle is available to share her experiences and knowledge with your audience, or she can schedule a partnered In5d Event around a keynote speaker for you.

You can book Michelle as a speaker in person at your event through the contact form below. In most cases, compensation would include airfare, hotel, and a nominal fee for the presentation time.

You can also book Michelle as a speaker at your small group or event through booking an hour or two hour life coaching session by phone (using the speakerphone at your group meeting) or Skype if you have a good internet connection at your meeting. The attendees could chip in a little to cover the cost of the booking, as little as $10 per person for 11 people for one hour. In most cases, Michelle will usually go an hour and a half at no extra charge to make sure all questions are answered, however the two hour session allows for a great interaction with an hour of topics from Michelle and an hour of Q&A/Holistic life coaching from your group.

To speak about scheduling an In5d event in coordination with your event, contact her by using this form: