In5d Is Coming To London In May Of 2016!

by Michelle Walling, CHLC

Most of you know that I am a webmaster, transformational speaker, and assistant to Gregg Prescott of I am excited to announce that I will be traveling from Sarasota, FL to Europe in May of 2016 for a tour that will include a meetup in London on May 10. This is the first visit to Europe for In5d and may be the last in 2016, so you will not want to miss this opportunity to meet in person.

This meetup will be held at the Columbia Hotel, which is convenient for stay-overs if you need to commute. This hotel is accessible by the tube and is held in the evening for convenience of those who work during the day. This is a meeting worth traveling for, as participants in our meetups and conferences experience high vibrational, like minded people. Many have reported activations of psychic abilities and an overall sense of joy from visiting with soul family.

Seating is limited and reserved online only, so be sure to get your admission as soon as possible as they will fill up quickly!

London Meetup: Cosmic Starseed Heritage


Starseeds came to Earth in this time to help raise the consciousness of the planet. They hold different genetic codes than Earthseeds and often feel like they do not belong here. Their memory of who they are and why they are here was most likely lost, just like Earthseeds. However, due to their coding triggers from their higher self, they are awakening to their Cosmic Heritage and mission, and are questioning everything in their reality.

As a Veteran Starseed, I know that my mission is to help spread awareness and support for fellow Starseeds. I have dedicated my life to assisting people with navigating 3D while moving toward 5D. I do this through my radio show, In5d’s Cosmic Awakening Show, and through my many videos and articles that can be found on my archive website, Cosmic Starseeds. In this meetup, we will explore the various races of star family, discuss the history of the battle for planet earth, and explain how you can contribute to Earth in order to complete your mission and ensure that you return “home” when you are finished.

Earth is one of the most diverse yet difficult planets to experience a 3d incarnation on. You had to be the best of the best to volunteer to be a part of the shift in consciousness that we are currently experiencing. In this lecture, you will find out how to re-establish your connection to your star family and Source to help you master the Earth experience. We will also explore the possibility that you may have mastered ascension already, and you can tap into that wisdom in order to successfully move through it with ease and grace.

HERE is the link to find out more about the London Meetup.

I am a Certified Holistic Life Coach specializing in Starseeds and Quantum reality. I will be available for In-person coaching sessions while I am in London and Paris. You can find out more about that HERE.

In5d Is Coming To London And Paris In May Of 2016!

We are at a stalemate tug of war at the moment. Humanity can go either way, or the rope could break! Join the movement to help humanity pull through this together. You have awakened……now what will you do to assist?

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About the author:
Michelle WallingMichelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, webmaster, writer, and and Radio Host on In5d radio’s The Cosmic Awakening Show. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. Michelle has joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, and as a contributing author for In5D.
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