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Michelle Walling is a transformational speaker, writer, webmaster, radio show host, and video blogger. She began to awaken to her calling in 2010 as someone who is here to help change the world, one person at a time. Michelle started her public career as a spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric writer for In5d.com in 2013. After what can be described as a fast track to enlightenment, she studied to become a Certified Holistic Life Coach in order to first see the whole picture of her own life so she could apply the same principles to help others. On her path of awakening, she was determined to uncover the truth about who she is and what her life purpose is. After studying hundreds of books, attending many seminars, having many psychic and astrology readings, she is very clear about her mission to help others as a holistic counselor, coach, intuitive, and healer. She accomplishes her goals by offering private sessions as well as speaking at conferences and seminars. Michelle also reaches thousands of people through her writing, radio shows, and videos. One of the areas she is most passionate about is extraterrestrial forces and their impact upon humanity. CosmicStarseeds.com was created to share this type of information, as well as spiritual topics such as ascension. Ultimately, Michelle enjoys helping people find the answers to all of their questions by going within.

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How a Holistic Life Coaching Session Can Transform Your Life

How a Holistic Life Coaching Session Can Transform Your Life

Sep 30, 2015 | No Comments

There are many ways that a holistic life coaching session with Michelle Walling can help you. Life coaching clients can enjoy the benefits of establishing a clear view of themselves; getting a vision of the path to change and finding true joy in their lives. You have the ability to heal any part of your […]

Welcome to my new site!

Welcome to my new site!

Sep 29, 2015 | No Comments

I should have my new site finished soon!   Thank you for visiting, Michelle Walling. CHLC


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